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Oct 20, 2012 7:30pm PDT
say iran is only willing to sit down after the u.s. presidential election is over. there are possibilities that iran will back out of the meeting as of the country has a long history of using the promise of diplomacy to tease international pressure today marks one year since gadhafi was killed after he was shot in the head by rebel forces in his hometown. today, there are new reports that his youngest son was killed during fighting. the libyan national congress spokesperson said that the younger gadhafi senior was killed in battle but offered no further details. news of his death prompted celebrations where he and his forces are accused of committing widespread rape and torture. >> murdochs news corporation said today that buying the los angeles times or tribune are accurate. the los angeles times reported yesterday that they are looking to buy the two papers. any attempt by the purchase of the papers would have to get approval from regulators. federal communications rules restrict ownership of the newspaper and tv station in the same market. they now own two stations in los
Oct 13, 2012 7:30pm PDT
a u.s. plane photographed soviet missiles 90 miles from american soil in cuba. president john f. kennedy work publicly and privately to avoid a nuclear confrontation with soviet leaders. in the end, both the soviet union and the united states could claim victories as the missiles left cuba and the u.s. dismantled its own missile installations in turkey. >>> flight cancellations are coming to american airlines and that could affect travelers who have purchased tickets. the airlines will cut 31 flights per day in the first half of november. it says the cuts are in an attempt to recover from widespread delays -- delays. since the company declared bankruptcy, and they say the cancellations will not impact holiday travel plans. >>> actor and television host gary collins died today. he starred in television series including the sixth sense and porn free. as well as hosting the syndicated talk show, our magazine. he also served as the mc for the ms. america pageant in the 1980s and 90s. he had one child. officials in harrison county mock -- mississippi said that he died of natural caus
Oct 16, 2012 7:30pm PDT
did not have to pay u.s. taxes. of course, if you're a small business, or a big business, you have to pay even the reduced rate governor romney is talking about. that will create 800,000 jobs, the problem is they will be in china. or india. or germany. that is not the way we will create jobs. the way we will create jobs is not just to change our tax code, but also to double our exports. we are on pace to double our exports. that is why we have kept on pushing trade deals, but trade deals that make sure american workers and businesses are getting a good deal. governor romney talk about china. the private sector, governor romney's company invested in pioneers of outsourcing. that is not my phrase. that is what reporters called it. as far as currency manipulation, the currency has gone up 11% since i have been present because we have pushed them hard. we have put unprecedented trade pressure on china. that is why exports significantly increased under my presidency. babel helped to create jobs here. >> we had -- that will help to create jobs here. >> the iphone, ipad, they're all manuf
Oct 11, 2012 7:30pm PDT
election 2012 continues online. go to and click on the u.s. and world news tab. >>> developing news in vallejo, a dozen homes have been evacuated while the bomb squad clears possible explosives. officials say the explosives were found at a house on georgia street near fernwood drive. homes near the area have been evacuate as precaution. children attending local schools were sent home early. one person is in custody. we have a crew on the scene. >>> let's talk baseball playoffs. the giants won today. it was a historic comeback. they now move to the nlcs. >> a swing and a miss and romo strikes out. >> with that final out, the giants beat the reds in the nlds this afternoon. >> it was a nail biter right at the very end. mark joins us now. >> my palms are still sweating. >> i know. >> the giants to get to this point after being down 2-0 in the series played great baseball. today in the final one, they were sensational. you watched this game, they were all over the field on defense. on offense one inning, six runs, sixth inning, buster posey ticket to ride, bases were loaded. the gr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4